Let us Listen!

Sometimes we find the solutions to our problems just by talking about them. Whether you're feeling stressed about grades, having relationship issues, or simply overwhelmed, this service can pair you with a friendly peer to listen to your qualms.

Personal peer supporters are trained by a professional counselor to provide an experience of self-realization and cost-benefit analysis so that in the end, you were the one who came up with the ideal solution.

Who to contact:


  • Friendly students your age who will likely relate with you the most
  • Excellent providers for time-management and studying techniques
  • Inexperienced but full of fresh outlook


  • For more mature advice from someone with more experience
  • An ideal person to ask for advice for issues with friends or relationships
  • Trained individuals who are skilled yet personable


  • An aspiring professional with a masters degree
  • Closer to your age and can provide a female perspective

Dr. Turnock:

  • If you desire to talk to a professional Dr. Turnock is the primary certified Psycologist who specializes in issues for TAMS students
  • For more serious issues such as suicidal thoughts, issues with legal implications, or 
  • Issues that require guarenteed confedentiality
  • Potential mental disorders or excessive stress causing medical issues
  • Drug abuse/alcohol abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault

More details on professional counseling

Control Your Stress, Don't Let It Control You!

Stress affects us all. We have all been victims of things such as family conflict, romantic relationships, and abuse. It is crucial that you come to terms with these problems before they start critically affecting your life.

Help Us Understand Your Problems

Learn The Solutions

Transform Your Life For The Better

Reality Check

Stress could be the cause of your decline in productivity, the tension in your relationships, or even your growing apathy for a hobby. Don't pretend like it isn't a problem; reach out to us, and change your life for good.